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Custom Printed Magnet

Custom Printed Magnet

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Die cut magnets are cut around your design giving you the ultimate flexibility in the shape. Magnets have a matte, scratch-resistant surface. The vinyl surface with black magnet backing make this a long-lasting magnet that is perfect for indoor/outdoor surfaces.

Add your name, monogram or any custom text. Add your photos, logo, designs, and artwork for custom printing.


Make a Custom Magnet

Made from high-quality materials, our Custom Printed Magnet is a versatile and durable product that allows you to create your own unique design. Perfect for home or office use, this magnet will add a personal touch to any metal surface. Get creative and showcase your individuality with our custom printed magnet.

Personalized Magnets

Transform your fridge into a personalized gallery with our Personalized Magnets! Display your memories and add a personal touch to any space. They make the perfect gift for friends and family. Order yours today and start cherishing your special moments in a unique and creative way! Make your own personalized magnets with us.

Business Logo Magnets

Boost your brand recognition with our Custom Logo Magnets. Perfect for businesses, this magnet proudly displays your logo for maximum exposure. Crafted with high-quality printing, this business logo magnet is a must-have for any marketing campaign. Increase brand loyalty and awareness with every glance at this business logo magnet.

Printed Names on Magnets

Make every day a little more magnetic with our Custom Name Magnets! These personalized name magnets add a fun and unique touch to any space. Stand out and show off your personality with these quirky and playful personalized name magnets. Perfect as unique gifts or adding a touch of fun to your own space! Add your name or any personalized text on a custom magnetic name tag today!

Custom Monogram Magnets

Jazz up your fridge or any metal surface with our Custom Monogrammed Magnet! Personalized with your monogram, it's the perfect way to add a touch of fun and personality to your kitchen. No more boring magnets - stand out with our quirky and unique design. Design your own custom monogram magnets today!

Custom Promotional Magnets

Custom promotional magnets are perfect for promotional marketing, this magnet adds a touch of sophistication to your logo branding efforts. Impress potential customers with its elegant design and precise printing. Elevate your marketing game with this premium custom promo magnet.

Cool Artwork Magnets

You can add your own personal artwork or favorite designs on our full color printed magnets. Add some personality to your space with our custom artwork magnets. Perfect for showcasing your favorite artwork in a playful and unique way. Say goodbye to boring magnets, these add flair to any personal space. (Warning: may cause magnet envy.)

Cheap Custom Magnets

Magnets that won't break the bank! Our Custom Printed Magnet is perfect for any budget, with low prices that won't leave you in shock. Now you can stick to your budget and stick your notes and photos in style. (Magnetic attraction to savings included!)

Custom Magnetic Bookmarks

Brighten up your reading routine with our Custom Bookmark Magnet! These custom magnetic bookmarks feature your own unique design, making them perfect for adding a pop of personality to your books or planners. Say goodbye to dog-eared pages and hello to stylish bookmark options. (Bookworms rejoice!)

Customized Small Magnets

These customized magnets are anything but ordinary! Featuring customizable prints, they add a personal touch to any space. Make your fridge or locker stand out with these unique and playful magnets. (Did we mention they also make great unique personalized gifts?)

Custom Party Favor Magnets

Take your party to the next level with our custom party favor magnets! These playful party favors make a fun addition to any event. (Mag)net your guests and make your celebration one to remember! Our custom party favor magnets are absolutely the perfect party giveaways that everyone will enjoy. Customize yours today!

Custom Round Magnets

These custom round magnets are perfect for branding and promotional purposes. With customizable designs, they provide a unique way to showcase your brand. Made with strong magnetism, they can easily stick to any metal surface, providing long-lasting exposure for your business or just for fun. Add your own photos, designs, logo or artwork on our personalized round magnets today!

Custom Picture Magnets

Add your own profile picture or any image you want on our custom photo magnets. Make them fun, make them quirky, make them anyway you like. Stick it to your metal surfaces with our Custom Picture Magnets! Add a personal touch by showcasing your favorite photos, making sure every trip to the fridge is full of smiles and memories. Perfect as personalized gifts or for adding a unique touch to your home decor. (Note: not for sticking to metal foreheads.)


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Add your name, monogram, or any custom text, along with your photos, designs, logo, and artwork.